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A Food Festival, an Award, and Meet the Fox!

Welcome back, friends!

Harvest display 2017Portland’s annual food and drink festival, Harvest on the Harbor, celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary last week! The 5 day festival was broken into 6 unique and delicious events highlighting diverse and vibrant parts of the Maine food scene.  Foodies travelling from hither and yon took part in sold out events like Sustainable Suppers, Harvest Happy Hour, and Market on the Harbor.  In addition to the fine food and drink, each ticket sold benefited Full Plates, Full Potential, a non-profit dedicated to ending childhood hunger in Maine; check out their website at  Many of Native Maine’s customers’ donated their time, energy, and culinary skill to support this great cause; kudos to all of you!!  As an event sponsor of the festival, Native Maine provided lots of delicious ingredients for many of Maine’s best known chefs.  Our fabulous in-house produce decorating team designed and built festive fall harvest displays overflowing with locally harvested vegetables, pumpkins, squashes, and gourds at the entrances to the venues.  Hats off to our artistic team: Jeff Kennedy, Lucas Butler, Jeremy Doxsee, Sasha Philbrick, and Troy Andrews!

In other Maine food news last week  the “Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association” recognized one of our longtime vendors, Ricker Hill Orchards, as “Producer of the Year” at their annual “Food Means Business” summit in Freeport.  Founded in Turner in 1803, Ricker Hill is truly a family business with 3 generations of the family running the farm.  Ricker Hill supplies us with apples, cranberries, blueberries and their outstanding cider.  3 years ago they launched a line of hard ciders and opened a tasting room at their farm--well worth a trip to Turner!

In the first of our "Get to Know Your Native Mainer" series, I interview longtime Native Maine employee, Ken Fox

What is your job title?  Well, I still don’t know that ...But Bob says Margin Manager or Margin Analyst and/or Bid Analyst.  Food Analyst...and more if you want.

pasted image 0Wow, that’s a lot of title!  And you make fun of my title!  Bob, in case anyone is curious, is our Chief Operations Officer.

How long have you worked at Native Maine? Too long ….17 years total

You’ve had a good run at Native Maine! How would you describe your job to a child?  Don’t do it away…okay, actually, I take mathematical problems  and solve them to help the company succeed , so that we can stay in business ... this is only a small role within the company... so when you go to a restaurant, they have the best food for you and your it is very important to do your very best in math....because someday you can do the same.  I kind of used this with my boys when they were real young!

Wow, I never realized you were so fixated on math! What did you do before this job?
Fedex for 20 years ...anything before that I would have to terminate you !!

Okay, we’ll stay away from that stuff, Kenny.  What three words would you use to describe your role?
Accomplishment …...Analyst…...Evaluates…Manages….and Investigates !!

Now, that’s 5 words!  Do you realize that? If you could switch jobs with someone at Native Maine, who would it be?
Dave...he is never here...Or Leslie I could be an Ambassador….actually no one ..I actually like what I do

You are fixated on my job title as Local Food Ambassador....If you could change one thing about working here, what would it be?
The people here are actually great it would not be that ...

You are such a company man.  What do you like most about your job?
The availability to use my mind everyday ...taking numbers and evaluating them to make the company a success...and the personal satisfaction when it actually works

What’s one thing that nobody here knows about you?
Probably a lot of things, I tend to keep most of my life private….one thing would be that I am a Three Stooges fan...and a fan club member Nyuk , Nyuk , Nyuk.

Like so many other Native Mainers!  Which explains a lot about our work atmosphere.  What’s one thing you want to ask me? Why do I have to be here? no, wait ..What are you cooking for lunch ...

Oh, I’ll bring something in for you in the next week or so.  Thanks, Kenny!

Have a safe and happy halloween everybody!  See you next time!

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