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Native Maine™ Hits “Extreme Peak”

Native Maine™ Hits “Extreme Peak” Business Levels

business volumeWe want you to know that your Native Maine™ has ramped up to handle this year’s peak business season for you. During this time (Mid July-late August) which we refer to as “Extreme Peak,” we will be processing record volumes of orders in size, weight & number.

First of all, as a locally owned and managed independent company, we are truly honored to be at your service. We understand that you have many purveyor choices and we thank you for choosing Native Maine™ to be part of you successful kitchen. To best meet your needs we have increased staff levels seasonally in every department, added delivery trucks to shorten routes and have extended many employee shifts. We have even added seasonal driver assistants on our trucks to speed up the delivery times of most routes. We are operating 24/7 to meet your needs (holidays included) and continue to invest in technology to make your Native Maine experience better. Continued improvements in our on line ordering system make it the most user friendly and efficient online ordering system of any food service company! We strongly encourage you to sign up and start using it today.

Placing your orders with us by our posted cut-off time of 10PM daily (Voice mail or on-line) is an enormous help to ensure that your order is properly selected and shipped on the most efficient truck for your delivery. The earlier your orders are placed the less likely they are to contain backorders! Orders called in after 10PM may not arrive on the very next day during extreme peak and will be shipped on the following scheduled delivery day. Again, we appreciate that you understand that the sheer volume of orders being processed during “Extreme Peak” simply prevents us from being as flexible as we normally are with our requested 10PM cut off time.

Please be patient. During “Extreme Peak” matched with congested summer traffic, we may be delivering to you a little later than normal. You may also have different drivers than usual and you may have to wait a bit longer on the phone when calling in to customer service. We apologize in advance for this. Also, backorders happen; we will always work to minimize these and will fulfill any backorders for you rapidly. Please know that we will constantly be working to avoid these seasonal aggravations and that our commitment to getting you the best quality foods, delivered when you need it remains stronger than ever!

During “Extreme Peak” should we let you down in any way – please let a manager know as soon as possible! Our outside representatives are always accessible to you and our managers will be closely supervising operations ‘round the clock to keep things running smoothly. There will naturally be some operational hiccups. We do want to know if you are not experiencing the ‘Outstanding Service” that we are known for however. We want to make things right, quickly, so please give us a chance to correct any issues as soon as possible – We really do care and our mission is to make your life easier!

Finally, all of our employees truly appreciate you choosing to keep your food dollars in New England by spending them with us here at Native Maine Produce & Specialty Foods. We hope that this summer is a profitable one for you and that you get to enjoy a little bit of summer in New England yourself.

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