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Market Alerts - 9-6-2016


Industry supplies are tightening up again and the market is going up and up. This is a result of the lack of fruit coming out of Mexico and the California season coming to an end sooner than expected. As we are seeing less small fruit and a higher percentage of 48’s and larger. Due to the rain in Mexico over the past few weeks, the fruit has been sizing up. The pricing gap between 60’s and 48’s is going to diminish during this timeframe. We are already seeing smaller fruit $8-$10 higher than it was last week due to the lack of small fruit availability.

We are seeing elevated prices as well as some quality issues that include yellowing.

Are in tight supply in the East, yields have declined due to excessive heat that occurred during early August, causing bloom drop. Quality has also become an issue due to continued rain during the second half of August.

California is currently harvesting their crops, however the CA crop is still very tight and we have more demand than we do supply. We expect this market to remain pretty tight, as we are simply not producing as much US garlic as we have a demand for.

Supplies have tightened in the East due to hot weather and rain. We are seeing moldy and brown quality issues in the southern region. Growers are currently assessing any potential issues with quality. The light production in Central and Northern California is expected to increase by early September.

The market is seeing much higher pricing on the West Coast due to lighter supplies available out of Northern Mexico. High temperatures and humidity have slowed growth, we will continue to see lighter than normal supplies in the month of September. We are seeing high prices and short supplies.


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