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Market Alert - Strawberries

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Strawberry supplies will continue to decrease as rain is forecasted in the northern regions (Watsonville and Salinas) for the next 3 days which will likely mark the end of the season for these regions. Expect very high prices and pro rates.

Oxnard is also expected to receive rain but current forecasts have decreased the chance of rain Thursday and Friday in this area to 20% but is keeping the chance of rain at 70% for Sunday. Interruption to harvests due to rain will undoubtedly continue to affect order fill with no guarantee that we will be able to fill demand. Strawberry production out of Central Mexico continues to increase but at a much slower pace than expected. We will continue to offer options as far as pushing orders to load out of any location we fill will offer a better chance of order fill or at least prevent orders from being affected by severe pro rates. Quality will be inconsistent with some locations reporting very fair quality fruit. We are and will continue to have challenges with weather which not only affects supplies but also affects quality and price. Growers are required to do the best they can and will continue to pack the best quality possible. We will be in a critical state with regards to strawberry supplies for the next several weeks and will keep you posted.

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