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Chef Jeff Landry, Native Maine Category Manager: Proteins

I want to take a moment to guide all of you through the Native Maine Local Lamb Program. Sales of this quality protein have surged lately and I think this is a good time to explain the process.
In regards to whole lamb, place orders by Wednesday morning at 10AM. North Star Sheep Farm receives those orders from me, gathers the lambs and takes them to the butcher Shop where they are harvested and hang through the weekend. We receive the lambs on Tuesday to ship for Wednesday. On rare occasions, they will have extra lamb hanging for emergencies.

In regards to cut lamb, the lambs are ordered by me in groups of 3 for packing purposes. They are harvested the same way the whole lamb are, but instead, they are sent to Town and Country Meats on Tuesday. The crew there cuts and packages the lamb according to very specific instruction. Any changes made to those instructions require permission by the onsite USDA inspector before the product can leave the building. Once cut and packaged, the lamb is frozen unless I have specific instruction to keep the product fresh for a customer. We then purchase ALL of the cut lamb to sell. As with most animals, there are 2 of each piece of the lamb in their carcass (2 racks, 2 legs, 2 shoulders, etc.). Most customers will ask for racks and loin chops because they are premium, desirable cuts. It is our challenge to find the accounts that need shoulders and legs so we can work across the carcass effectively, thereby increasing the number of lambs we are able to process weekly. We can currently responsibly cut 3 lambs per week, which allows for only 1 case of racks and 1 case of lamb chops per week. On the flip side, it produces 3 cases of lamb legs and 3 cases of shoulders. You can see the challenge.

Lamb from North Star Sheep Farm is superior product compared to anything on the market. If you have any questions, contact me directly (207-856-1100 ext. 106). I’d be happy to also stop by to visit you in your kitchen and talk about the wonderful protein selections available to you from Native Maine. Thank you for considering Native Maine as a center of the plate vendor.

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