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Market Alerts - 4-11-2017

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The following items currently procured by Native Maine™ from CA farms will be very short on product and most are seeing quality issues and extreme pricing due to current poor growing conditions.

Romaine: Very light color, rib light. Beginning to see extreme shortages. Please have substitutions ready if needed. Very high prices.

Romaine Heart: Extreme shortage and very light color. Very high prices.

Red Leaf: Very light on product, seeing prorates. Quality seems good. Very high prices.

Green Leaf: Quality is average. Extreme shortage in product. Very high prices.

Broccoli: Very limited in product and seeing shortages. Quality is good. Very high prices.

Cauliflower: Some growers have hit a gap and have no supply, some are very short on product. Quality is good. Very high prices.

Celery: Very short in product, we are seeing shortages, and escalated prices. Quality is average although has improved.

Please inspect the items listed above products carefully upon delivery. Once accepted for delivery by your staff these products are not able to be returned for credit due to quality. Some prices for these items are the highest we have ever seen! Consider using our LOCAL greens which are greenhouse grown in New England.




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