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Market Alerts - 4-14-2017

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The following items currently procured by Native Maine™ from CA farms will be very short on product and most are seeing quality issues and extreme pricing due to current poor growing conditions.

This month has been very unstable for the industry. We are experiencing EXTREME MARKETS on ALL lettuce commodities, broccoli and cauliflower. We are also experiencing extreme markets with avocados, blueberries, celery, cilantro, garlic, and lemons.

AVOCADO - EXTREME We are seeing a tight market and an increase in prices again on avocados.

BLUEBERRIES - EXTREME Availability has tightened due to the freeze damage that occurred during mid-March in Georgia and North Carolina. Tight market conditions continue in the west, as production volume is on the decline in Central Mexico. California is not yet in full production. The spring harvest transition will result in continued tight availability through May.

BROCCOLI - EXTREME Quality is better.

CABBAGE (NAPA) - EXTREME Supplies are very tight.

CAULIFLOWER - EXTREME Quality is improving. We expect to see prices increase and supplies to shorten up. Some growers are already in a gap and have no supplies at all.

CELERY - QUALITY ISSUES and shortage in supply. Unfortunately, we have not seen much improvement in this market. Prorates have been ranging between 35 %-50% this week. We are done in Yuma and the Oxnard crop is behind schedule. Quality is just fair. We have heard that there will be issues for another 4-6 weeks.

CILANTRO - EXTREME Supply is very light. Quality is variable, there is still yellowing with some decay. Prices are high and we are seeing shortages.

GARLIC - EXTREME The supply of domestic garlic remains tight. Pricing on domestic peeled 4x5s is still high

LEMONS - SIZING Volume is expected to be low for the next couple weeks. EXTREMELY tight on 165S, 200S and 235S choice and fancy. Meyer lemons are available. Good quality and price. Mostly large fruit available, 115/95/75.

LETTUCE: BUTTER - EXTREME Prices are still moving higher and supplies are very light.

LETTUCE: GREEN LEAF & RED LEAF - EXTREME We are seeing a lot of dirt due to the heavy winds, seeders and tip burn. We are seeing very short supply on green leaf, however quality is good. Red leaf is now in very short supply and some growers are seeing a gap in supply.

LETTUCE: ICEBERG - EXTREME / EXTREME SHORTAGES Quality is good to average although we are starting to see improvement. Expect some rib light, cracked rip, and pale color.

Romaine: Very light supplies. Quality is hit or miss with epidermal peeling and very light color. Please substitute this item with Iceberg if you can.

Romaine Hearts: SHORTAGES Supplies are VERY light. We are seeing twisting with average quality, and peeling. Prices are rising, we are seeing a very short supply.


Please inspect the items listed above products carefully upon delivery. Once accepted for delivery by your staff these products are not able to be returned for credit due to quality. Some prices for these items are the highest we have ever seen! Consider using our LOCAL greens which are greenhouse grown in New England.




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