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Market Alert - Lemons - Extreme

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DT: July 6, 2018

TO: Native Maine® Customers

RE: Market ALERT: Lemons - EXTREME 

We want to alert you to some issues affecting the current lemon supply. Due to an extremely hot spring, the majority of the fruit crop matured much earlier and we are now experiencing shortages across all lemon varieties. Although Native Maine has citrus supply contracts in place to avoid outages, we do expect to see availability and quality issues from now through October. At this time we are also seeing severe pro rates, very standard grade fruit, and higher prices than would be customary at this time of the season. 

We are monitoring this situation closely and will update you with more information regarding this lemon ALERT as new supply data is revealed; as noted above we do not anticipate these conditions will abate until October.

Today’s current list pricing for 115 ct. commodity lemons is hovering in the low-mid $50’s. The commodity lemon market prices will continue to fluctuate daily through this ALERT status.

We will continue to monitor and report on the lemon market for you.   


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