Maine HOM - September Tomatoes

 Many of the local farms we work with here at Native Maine only sell to retail stores, farm stands and distributors. As you know when you go to your local Hannafords or farm stand you'll see only the most beautiful and picture perfect produce. These are the farms that myself and our local buyer Sasha have been chatting with. Often times they will have hundres of pounds of "ugly" produce or what we call seconds.

Native Maine NEVER buys anything but retail quality or "firsts". We do this for consistency and our core business. 

But how do schools afford local product?  Many local farmers work personally with school districts which is AWESOME but how can Native Maine help put local food in the mouths of kids too?

SECONDS!!!! I am able to special order this product for you. All you have to do is ask! 

One of our school districts ordered 500 lbs of local heirloom & beefsteak tomatoes for half the price. This specific product is great for marinara, slicing for burgers, an easy bruschetta or on a salad bar. The possiblities are endless! 

All of these pictures are actual photos of the product we sent to the school!

If you want recipe ideas please ask! 

IMG 6315


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